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Tia Needs New Friends (Color Teds, Book 1)

The theme of the first book in the Color Teds series is "belonging", and young teddy bear Tia is moving to a new home. Leaving her best buddy Ben behind is difficult enough, but Tia also has to overcome her shyness, and a language barrier, before she manages to make new friends. In the end her new pals, and a wonderful surprise, make Tia's new home feel like home again.


"Tia Needs New Friends" addresses some of the fears children face when they have to move, and helps them understand that finding new buddies isn't always easy. But Tia's perseverance and willingness to communicate, despite her shyness, are meant to encourage kids. If a shy little teddy bear can make new friends, so can they!


Tia's new pals also set a wonderful example. They accept others with a button-eyed colorblindness that lays the foundation for all future Color Teds stories.


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